I value strong client relationships and one consequence of that is I'm a real stickler about following confidentiality agreements. That's why I only have non-work examples of service design projects at this time.  I'd be happy to bring printed examples to an in-person meeting, if that would be helpful.  

GrubFinder App

My project for the UX Design course at General Assembly was an iOS app for New York Magazine's restaurant data. I spent approximately 4 weeks building working prototypes and user testing them. Why did I do it? because I would give anything to be able to filter a search by Critic's Picks and cuisine and see the results on a map with my current location... 

Design Research, Ideation, Prototyping

Global Service Jam - 2014 Partiticpant project

The Global Service Jam is an international Service Design-a-thon. Anyone can join and spend the weekend jamming with strangers to invent a new service. The weekend is broken up into chunks for interviewing, ideating, prototyping, and presenting. The best part of the challenge by far is being constrained to a few hours for each section! Not an easy thing for someone who usually digs into research for weeks.

Design Research, Ideation, Prototyping

Financial Services Digital Strategy

A financial services client didn't know how to begin updating their digital presence, or if their target audience would event go online.  My research showed the financial services company how to approach financial advisors and what gaps there were in the current service offering. 

Design Research, Customer Journey Mapping, Persona Development, Digital Strategy  

OgilvyOne Ecommerce

Ogilvy needed to transition from a traditional agency into the digital era. I helped define its ecommerce strategy and contributed to winning pitches.

Design Research, Digital Strategy, Business Development

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