I am a UX designer, and my work spans from on-screen interactions to complex services. I get obsessed with designing experiences that are immediately clear to customers and useful to employees. I want to know what is broken, what doesn’t work about the current system, and how I can make life easier. 

I also have a background in strategy and received my MBA from MIT Sloan.  As a career changer, I am in a unique position to be valuable to a design firm: I have the fresh enthusiasm and training of someone new to the field as well as the judgment and practicality of someone with 10 years of work experience. My industry experience includes quick serve restaurants, automotive, retail, hospitality, government, non-profit, and pharmaceutical.

I currently live, work, and eat in Brooklyn, NY.  If you would like to see additional case studies or work samples, please get in touch

I have never met a more dedicated, hard-working, and generous professional in the service and UX design field than Whitney.
— David Chee (NYC Service Design Jam, 2016 Participant)